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Manufacturing Division

We began our Manufacturing Division to pass time while we developed our farm. The manufacturing division became such a success that we decided to become agents for Challenger Access Equipment and Multi-Cranes & Platforms.

We have a state of the art manufacturing plant at ANRO Boerdery to do any type of job from manufacturing to servicing of all types of Farming, Commercial vehicles.

We build our own Tractor Drawn Trailers, like our Famous Pruning Trailers with 2m Pneumatic Pruning Secateurs and powered by a 6.5kva Generator and 100l Compressor.

We also build Trailers for Light Vehicles, Commercial and Agricultural Purposes.

We build our own security gates at our staff housing, office and Drying Plant for better safety.

We built a state of the art, 1 of a kind Macadamia Drying Plant that uses the Solar Heat to dry 300 tons of macadamias in 7 days.

Our Manufacturing Division has a Fully Functional Workshop, consisting of Qualified Welders, Spray Painters, Petrol and Diesel Mechanics and Hydraulic Technician. 

Our Carpentry Division allows us to manufacture any wood-working from Cupboards, Desks and Benches to Bee-boxes for Beehives around the farm.

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