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Macadamia Trees Grown by Macadamia Farmers

Varieties Grafted onto 695 (Beaumont) Root Stock

(Click on the name to download the tree info)

  • Beaumont - Old Faithful.  Producing medium to large Nuts, it is an evergreen tree with spiny leaves that attains an upright canopy. Pink Flowers.

  • 816 - Large uniform Nuts, early to mid season nut drop. Upright, moderately dense tree with smooth leaves. White Flowers.

  • A4 - Large Nuts. A medium spreading tree with spiny leaves and an open canopy. Mid season fall. White Flowers.

  • A16 - Med to Large Nuts. A medium spreading tree with semi spiny leaves. Cream/Ivory Flowers.

  • Nelmac 2 - Popular variety because of its pollination of 'Beaumont' and the yields are almost comparable. Large Nuts. Spreading open canopy with spiny leaves. White Flowers.

  • 814 - Small, round and even sized nuts. Perfect for Nut in Shell. Small upright tree with a round canopy and smooth leaves. White flowers.

  • 842 - Medium, round even sized nuts hanging in bunches. A spreading open canopy with smooth leaves. White Flowers.

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